Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): Trust and Safety Research Conference Proceedings 2023
Trust and Safety Research Conference Proceedings 2023

This issue of the Journal of Online Trust and Safety, which serves as the Conference Proceedings for the 2023 Trust and Safety Research Conference, consists of a diverse set of research contributions. These include: a paper drawing on interviews in the Philippines, Brazil, India, Egypt, and Nigeria to assess the awareness and utilization of online privacy and security features; research analyzing forums that host nonconsensual deepfake pornography; a study comparing a crowdsourced fact-checking community and two professional fact-checking sites in Taiwan; and a paper introducing methods for identifying online search directives. This issue also features a research note that underscores the risks of African governments collecting personal digital data, along with five commentaries. The commentaries include: an analysis of the evolution of Twitter’s (now X’s) Community Notes feature; a discussion highlighting the incentives that underlie the suboptimal performance of large language models in specific languages; an exploration of challenges involved in compiling a trust and safety glossary; a discussion of how societal values could be embedded into algorithms; and an overview of the latest research findings concerning social contagion related to suicide and eating disorder. The Journal of Online Trust and Safety is grateful to the Omidyar Network for their generous support. 

Peer-reviewed Articles

Rebecca Umbach, Anubha Singh, Ashley Marie Walker
“Your Protection is in Your Hands Only”: User Awareness and Adoption of Privacy and Security Practices in Five Majority World Countries
Brian Timmerman, Pulak Mehta, Progga Deb, Kevin Gallagher, Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Siddharth Garg, Rachel Greenstadt
Studying the Online Deepfake Community
Andy Zhao, Mor Naaman
Insights from a Comparative Study on the Variety, Velocity, Veracity, and Viability of Crowdsourced and Professional Fact-Checking Services
Ronald E. Robertson, Amy Dunphy, Shelby Grossman, Renée DiResta, David Thiel
Identifying Search Directives on Social Media

Peer-reviewed Research Notes

Beverley Townsend, Arthur Gwagwa
Authoritarian Alliances and the Politicking of Data in Africa


Valerie Wirtschafter, Sharanya Majumder
Future Challenges for Online, Crowdsourced Content Moderation: Evidence from Twitter’s Community Notes
Gabriel Nicholas, Aliya Bhatia
Toward Better Automated Content Moderation in Low-Resource Languages
Farzaneh Badiei, Alex Feerst, David Sullivan
Toward a Common Baseline Understanding of Trust and Safety Terminology
Michael S. Bernstein, Angèle Christin, Jeffrey T. Hancock, Tatsunori Hashimoto, Chenyan Jia, Michelle Lam, Nicole Meister, Nathaniel Persily, Tiziano Piccardi, Martin Saveski, Jeanne L. Tsai, Johan Ugander, Chunchen Xu
Embedding Societal Values into Social Media Algorithms
Anjuli Corzine, Vicki Harrison
Social Contagion, from Suicide to Online Challenges to Eating Disorders: Current Research and Harm Mitigation Strategies for Youth Online